Loving each other to wholeness.

Low self-esteem can be one of our worst enemies. I wonder why it’s so hard for us to truly love ourselves the way we should. Some either take it to the extreme and love themselves too much to the point of arrogance or some hide behind their smiles, designer clothes or relationships.

I can admit I’m one of those people that’s struggled with loving myself since my childhood. I could find all sorts of things wrong with me without a person even telling me. What makes it worse is having people tell you all the bad things about yourself. I’ve wondered how people have dealt with it in their own lives. The sad part for me is I know many people have lost their lives due to self-destruction over wanting to be accepted. We live in a world that is so fixated on popularity, self-centeredness & outward appearances that we overlook the true nature of individuals. The world is full of bullies to the point social media has now become cyber bullying. You can even find bullies in the workplace and churches where it used to just be in schools.

I read a story back in 2016 about a 13 year old boy from Staten, NY that took his own life due to being bullied at school. It broke my heart because he went to the school administrators for help and in return they did nothing. His voice wasn’t heard. Can you imagine if we start taking time out to listen to one another’s voice instead of ignoring or judging how far we might go? How we could help each other heal within? I’ve read countless stories of young people that have taken their own life due to being bullied. This is preventable.

I too was bullied as a kid. I was bullied as an adult. I’m not ashamed to admit my parents almost had to bury me twice. I tried to take my own life at 17 and again at 19 but God spared my life for a reason. I think about all of those children that have lost their lives behind feeling as though they did not have a voice. We must stop doing what’s popular and start doing what’s right and begin loving each other to wholeness.

This blog is for all of those who have ever been bullied. As a child or as an adult. I don’t care who you are. Whether you are black, white, yellow, purple, gay, straight, etc. You are somebody!! You do have a voice!! You are loved!! And most of all God loves you and so do I!!

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