About Pastor Jackie Lowe

Pastor Jackie Lowe, founder of The Voice Within Ministries, is an entrepreneur, financial services officer, motivational speaker, Christian, and pastor. A native of Portland, Oregon, Pastor Lowe was reared in church by his mother and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior at the age of 16 under the ministry of Pastor James Martin at Mt. Olivet Church. Pastor Lowe was quickly taken under Pastor Martin’s wing, and entered the S.A.L.T. program, which stands for Student Action Leadership Team. Once he completed the program, he became a youth leader and altar worker. After a few years, he became the youth choir director. After some time, away from the church, Pastor Lowe knew it was time to come back, because there was a story down within him that needed to be told. He accepted the charge as Elder in December 2012 under the ministry of Prophet Broderick T. Battle Ministries, after extensive ministerial training.

Pastor Lowe attended International Seminary in Los Angeles, California and took several seminary courses at Apostolic University headquartered in Gastonia, North Carolina. He received his Associate of Science Degree in Business Management from Ashworth University in 2007 and is currently studying to become a Certified Internal Auditor.  Pastor Lowe has been in the banking industry for over 20 years and currently works as an internal auditor. He is part of The Tree Church, covered by Prophet Broderick T. Battle. He was ordained to the pastorate in 2017.

Pastor Lowe has been a featured guest on the Kingdom Now Podcast, hosted by Apostle Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino. His first interview was “Finding Our Sound Mind,” discussing the powerful benefits of therapy in the life of a Christian. As of the posting of this website, that episode of Kingdom Now remains the most listened-to episode in the podcast’s history.

He is not only a man of prayer, but a man who has a passion to see the people of the world healed and truly set free. The heart of his message is helping others find their voice within and that voice within is Jesus Christ. As a newer voice in the church with wisdom beyond his years, his passion for seeing God’s purpose fulfilled will assist in the continuous building of God’s kingdom.

Pastor Lowe currently resides in Los Angeles, California. He is supported in his ministry by his family, friends, and many who respect and love the true character and integrity of this pastor, friend, and true man of God.

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