Growing pains

Joseph grew up in a single parent home with his mother & two sisters. It wasn’t always easy being the middle child let alone the only boy. To top it off, internally he was struggling with his own identity and wondering exactly where he fit into this puzzle called life.

If Joseph was to describe his home life it would be different, painful, lonely and fear. That about sums it up. The first time he heard his mother say the words I love you, he was 22 years old. He can remember it as if it were yesterday. Joseph loved his mother but growing up he always wondered if she loved him the same. He was never treated the same as his oldest sister and could never get away with the things she got away with. His little sister was spoiled so he was stuck in the middle.

Growing up, Joseph & his older sister despised each other. They fought like cat & dogs. She would always win of course being the bigger sister. Nothing would be said about all the scratches in Joseph’s face or hair pulled out from the roots. He hated her. She was what you’d call a bully.

That would be his first introduction to bullying.

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  1. Although I know it must be hard and challenging telling/sharing Joseph’s story, what a blessing it is to read it. I know us as readers will receive help and find deliverance through it.

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