Have you ever?

Have you ever just wanted to be heard? Have you ever felt lost or that you did not belong in such a huge world? Have you looked and searched and found no answers? Have the voices in your head been voices of doubt, fear, mistrust, guilt, low self-esteem, seeking validation, not good enough and even death? In other words, your presence will not be missed. Have you ever been bullied whether it be on social media, school, work, church and even at home? Have you ever had a voice deep down within on the inside tell you you’re special? You are validated! You are good enough! You are capable! You are stronger! You are well! You can make it! You are a fighter! That voice within is Jesus Christ. I want to take you on a journey of a young man who for years allowed his inner voice to be overshadowed with voices of torment until one day at the age of 38, sitting in the office of his therapist, he realized what the true meaning of the voice within was.

5 thoughts on “Have you ever?

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  1. I’ve enjoyed reading the opening blog. I know the journey is going to be informative and help others be set free. I look forward to reading and you taking us on the journey.

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  2. Thank you for helping others free themselves from their own minds. I also can’t wait to see where Gods words guides me to. Thank you for welcoming me along to your new adventure.

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